Beibei Wang is a international soloist with both Chinese and British music education background and got double Master Degree at Central Conservatory of Music and Royal Academy of Music respectively. She has such ability of doing a variety of performances, including traditional, classical, conceptual and visual music performance. Her repertoire is covering diversity music, including classical, contemporary, jazz, rock, exotic and Chinese traditional music. She sticks with her conviction which is challenged herself in every concert that she refuses to repeat the same conception. Her talented musical sensibility of Chinese heritage and Western avant-garde technical skill are of the high level, but what really sets her apart is her passion for the advancement of her art.

Beibei Wang

Masterclass/Workshop enquiries

Beibei gives consultations around the globe to people from all backgrounds. One-to-one lessons with performers cover instrumental technique, musicality and sharing personal experience of career and life. Her first-hand experience is invaluable, enabling people to better understand their careers and helping them find the confidence to make the right decisions. Beibei also consults with groups, institutions and universities.

  • Chinese traditional drum / percussion
  • Classical /Contemporary percussion
  • Improvisation
  • Multi-media Performance
  • Crossover Art Project

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Concert Enquiries

In supporting Beibei’s multifaced work, we aim to take opportunities of performance through various music ,communications and art forms to inspire people today and future generations locally and internationally. Her repertoire covers eclectic range of music genres, Beibei is an acclaimed international virtuoso multi-percussionist. Her performances, which cover an eclectic range of styles, have been described as flamboyant ,unique and equal to a musical feast. She travels all over the world attracting large audiences of all age groups with her stunning, one-of-a-kind performances.

  • Concerto with Orchestra, ensemble
  • Recital
  • Duo, Trio, Quartet, Chamber music
  • Unique projects & New possibilities

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Composition Enquiries

Beibei works as a composer both independently and collaboratively. She writes and performs music for film, TV, radio, fashion show, and live performance. She regularly collaborates with composers to develop truly unique music. Her exceptional style and the dizzying array of instruments in her personal collection make for an unforgettable sound.

  • Film music
  • Dance music
  • Commercial Music
  • Crossover Art project

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Innovative Project

Beibei enjoys working with artists and performers from all fields, experimenting ways to develop artistic ideas shared cultural wealth. By exploring new possibilities and challenging assumptions, she and her collaborators have developed genre-defying projects, pushing boundaries and delighting audiences the world over. The list of Beibei’s collaborators continues to diversify and she always looks for opportunities to develop new ideas.

  • Crossover Art Project
  • Multi-media Performance
  • Improvisation
  • Event
  • New possibilities

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The Projects

London Fashion Week 2018

Posted in Projects on Sep 17, 2018

Collaboration with director Tong Zhao of Hexagon Collective Production for Chinese fashion designer Fengyi Tan's London Fashion Week debut. Truly a unique experience, bringing high fashion and dance together with musical soundscapes.

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Shanghai Fashion Week Crossover Art commission

Posted in Projects on Jul 22, 2018

Part 1 Film Installation

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Shanghai Fashion Week-Crossover Art commisson

Posted in Projects on Jul 12, 2018

Part-2 THE CITY- Film Installation

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